• Easy opening and closing of windows

  • Keeps draughts at bay

  • Keeps dirt and insects out

  • Stops annoying rattles

  • Cuts noise by up to 50%

  • Warmer home with fuel savings

  • Increased comfort

  • Wooden staff and parting beads

  • Approved for Grade I and II Listed Buildings

  • Brush pile seals conform to BS 6375 and BS 7386, the British standard for Draughtproofing new and existing windows

  • BSEN ISO 9002 approved product

  • Fully guaranteed


Full Draughtproofing of Sash Windows

Both sashes are lifted out of the box frame. Excessive paint build up is removed where it impedes movement. Small grooves are cut into the sash frames and the carriers, brush pile and seal are inserted. Existing parting bead is removed and replaced with a new wooden parting bead. The sashes are then accurately weighed and, if required, additional counterbalance weights are added. New cast iron pulleys are used where existing pulleys are found to be excessively worn. The sashes are realigned where practical and then carefully reassembled within the box frame with new sash cords. The staff bead with brush pile is then installed.

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Both sashes are lifted out of the box frame. New parting bead, sash cord and staff bead are installed. The sashes are weighed for accuracy and balance as required.

N.B. This service does not include the draughtproofing system. Therefore draughts, rattles etc, will not be eliminated.

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Side & Top Opening Windows

The window is unscrewed from the frame and our craftsmen correct the alignment of each opener, making any necessary repairs before channelling into each sash and then recessing four strips of brush pile. This prevents air, dust, dirt and water from entering when the sash is shut firmly. If new windows are required these are made, primed, glazed and fitted with the draughtproofing system.

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The draughtproofing system is applied to the doors as described above.

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Semi-permanent Seal

Where sashes are not intended for use, windows can be sealed into the fully closed position, keeping sash cords and pulleys intact, thereby eliminating draughts and rattles.

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Noise Reduction

By fitting the perimeter sealing system, outside noise intrusion can be reduced by at least 30%.

If greater noise reduction is desired, a special noise reduction glass of 6.8mm thickness is supplied which, when fitted with the perimeter sealing system, can reduce noise intrusion by approximately 80%.

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Double Glazing

To double glaze windows each sash or casement window will need to be replaced. In addition, box sash windows will need to be weighted with lead weights. To fully benefit from double glazing the windows should be draughtproofed at the same time.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and copy any replacement windows and doors to ensure that the joinery reflects the existing period mouldings, glazing bars and window furniture.

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Face & Fill
Where fine or hairline fractures have occurred in the timber they will be faced off with a high quality filler, sanded down and primed.

Small/Large Repair
Decayed timber is removed and made good. Any new or exposed timber is then primed. Where several large repairs would be necessary to any sash, we may recommend replacement sashes.

Glue & Fix Tenon
Where a tenon joint has parted it will be opened up, cleaned, glued and faced off with a high quality filler. Any new or exposed timber is then primed.

N.B. Where a tenon joint has been parted, due to the incorrect glass size being fitted, new glass may be required.

Box Lining Replacement
Where excessive decay has occurred, new or half box linings are installed.

Glass Replacement & Putty Repairs
Broken panes of glass and old putty are carefully removed and replaced. Small putty repairs can be undertaken but this may not give a long life effective seal.

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Replacement Timber

We can provide the following replacement items as required:

Sill Replacement
The old sill is removed and a new, primed, hardwood sill will be cut and fitted. It should be noted that the lower box linings will also be replaced.

Replacement Sash
The old sash will be carefully measured and a matching replacement sash will be made. The new sash will be installed, primed and glazed.

Conversion Sashes
The existing sheet glass, aluminium or plastic window is removed. New sliding sashes are fitted, installed with the draughtproofing system. New weights will be fitted where required.

New/Replacement Box Sash Or Casement Windows
A complete box sash or casement window is installed. All new or replacement windows are primed and glazed and inclusive of the draughtproofing system.

N.B. Depending on the condition of the plaster, it is possible that during installation of the new frames and sills, loose or faulty plaster may fall away. This shall be made good up to 20 centimetres away from the edge of the new frame or sill using standard plastering material. The customer is responsible for redecoration.

Window Furniture
The type of catch and/or security lock would be dependent on the suitability of each window. Where pulleys need replacing, these will be of cast iron. Brass faced or solid brass pulleys can be installed if required at extra cost.

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Additional Work

Where possible all work will be identified by our experienced surveyors. However, in some instances some additional repairs may be identified by our installers while they are undertaking the work. You are not obliged to have any extra work carried out but we will be pleased to supply an accurate quotation for your approval.

Secondary Glazing, Grilles & Alarms
Secondary glazing or grilles may only be removed by ourselves if no specialist tools are required and where removal is straightforward. Otherwise, the removal of these items is the responsibility of the customer and they must be removed prior to installation. Where alarms are fitted and require disarming, they are the responsibility of the customer and this must be done prior to installation.

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Payment Terms

A 25% deposit is required when placing your order. The balance is due on completion of your installation.

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